What is that

The RedRockS team consists of only eight people. We are completely different, but this is why you can trust us – your project will always be taken care of by the person who does it best. We know and like each other, which is why we are happy to cooperate. This allows us to create unusual projects that introduce unusual combinations.

About us

We are a creative agency, but most of all – creative people with a human approach. We are open to your every idea! We exist since 2013, we know what we do and we like to do it. A lot has changed since the studio was founded, but that’s good – changes are development, so we are getting better and we are able to do more and more. Krakow is an ideal place for ambitious people with passion, exactly like us. That’s why we work best here. For our part, we offer honesty, sincerity and professionalism.

Our team

Has more ideas than time to implement them. RedRockS 'father tries to build it, creating a friendly atmosphere for both colleagues and customers so that everyone feels comfortable with us. Privately, a lover of dogs, good fantasy and film music. Photography is his passion. And this is also what he mainly deals with in the company, although he can code a page and prepare any graphics.


CEO & Founder

Work enables her to be able to charm legally. Thanks to the magic of photography, it stops time and brings out a gleam in the eye of the other person. As a side effect, a lot of positive energy is created that is willingly shared with others. He loves people and nature, that’s why after work he loves traveling, including hiking, it is best to have someone to exchange a word with, it is green around and you can hear birds singing in the background.



A person with many talents and a mine of creative ideas. Passionate about typography, non-standard solutions and dinosaurs.


Graphic designer

A cheerful man with great imagination, which he successfully translates into unconventional graphic designs. Privately, a musician and fan of a stronger sound and a player of the Polish team in paraboxing.


Graphic designer

Creative, fond of gaining new experiences. He transforms projects and ideas into ready-made works by creating modern websites. History and football enthusiast. In his spare time, he is eager to deepen his knowledge. He gets along well with both people and animals, for which he does not lack heart.



An artist and a specialist in one person. He can create a beautiful illustration and bring it to life by making it move. Privately, a vegetarian, animal lover and fan of sustainable development.



A man for whom nothing is impossible and the intricacies of the code are not terrible to him. Privately, a fan of water sports and a healthy lifestyle.



A man for whom nothing is impossible and the intricacies of the code are not terrible to him. Privately, a fan of motorization and a healthy lifestyle.