Normal page is not enough? Move your goods to the virtual world so that everyone can access them. If you want to get customers from all over Poland, and maybe even the rest of the world – create your online store with us and win the world!

How it's working?

If phrases like e-commerce, marketplace or dropshipping mean nothing to you, RedRockS is here to help. In order to successfully run an online store, you do not need anything but willingness – we will take care of the rest. The e-shop works 24 hours a day, even when you are asleep. We will examine what functionalities you and your customers need and implement them, regardless of whether you run a small local boutique or want to conquer the world with your artistic handicraft. We will take care of the operation of the store, so you can rest easy.

My own online store

I want it! You can have your own online store. Without fear that someone else will own it, as in the case of renting store platforms, where you pay in the form of a subscription and when you stop – the store is lost and you do not have access to the customer base, orders, products …

Convenience, automation, scalability

Having your store, you can sell continuously. We will take care of its safety, connect it with the accounting system to automatically generate invoices, attach quick payments, make the store fully automated – an investment that will quickly pay off and start to passively earn for you.

You have no idea for a shop? We will think for you

You don’t have to be a large corporation to start selling online. With our help, you will spread your wings, we can help you not only with the construction of the store, but also in marketing – if you want to sell and gain passive income, but you do not know what and how – we will help you get started and find an idea!