& branding

Właśnie założyłeś firmę i chcesz, żeby dowiedział się o niej cały świat? A może prowadzisz biznes od dawna, ale chcesz tchnąć w niego nowe życie? Wiemy, jak to zrobić.

Name and logo

These are the most important things, or actually the absolute basis of branding, i.e. building brand awareness. Is it necessary to own a company to just do your thing? No, as long as our goal is not to stand out from the competition or win loyal customers. However, if we have such a goal and we want to be different than others and be the first thing that comes to the mind of the client when he needs our product / service – a good name and logo are a must.

Visual identification

In order to effectively create a brand image on the market, it is not enough just a logo. It is a very good base for creating identification. Think about the Adidas logo. It’s okay, but the brand is created by the iconic three stripes. This is an example of good visual identification. On the basis of the logo, we can prepare virtually every element of it – letterhead, advertising gadgets, premises decor, clothes for employees and basically anything that could visually represent your business.