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We offer comprehensive website support in a subscription system. If you want to have a modern and responsive website without paying a lot of money for it, check out our subscription offer!

Choose your package

We listen to our clients’ clients. We precede design work by getting to know the client’s target group and their needs, but also by analyzing the activities of the competition. Only with this data, we can start designing a website that will be modern and transparent.


from 7 500 pln

Packages that we make rarely, from holidays. Fast completion date, but also a low level of project advancement. A very simple site, good to get started. We recommend it only if you really don't have budgets for something more.


from 15 000 pln

Sweet as maple syrup, but strong and organized like a squad of stormtroopers. An intermediate package, in which you already gain a page that will give you more opportunities for future expansion. These are more functional and higher-quality packages, but in the end we have over 2x more time for them.


from 22 500 pln

The most powerful of our standard packages. Solid and long-lived like an oak, at the same time impressive and dominant over the rest of the pages. Perfect for the more demanding customers who value the highest comfort and quality. The package gives you the opportunity to present your products and services on dedicated subpages, prepared for your industry.


from 30 000 pln

A stone can last for ages. In the stone package, we build not only your website, but all the communication and strategy of your website and the goals that we want to achieve through it, from scratch. Perfect for those who want a rock-solid foundation, but don't want to put their business on a muddy ground.

What do you think about our prices? Too expensive?

And think how much 150, 250 or even 500 hours of work of specialists who have gained experience and constantly expand their knowledge is worth to you? With us, you do not pay for the work of one person – only the entire team of specialists who work on your project.

And how much is your business worth to you?

A decent website not only builds a solid awareness of your brand, but also strengthens its position on the market, helps to be ahead of the competition and most importantly – increases sales. Yes, you hear it right. A professional and well-thought-out website is a great tool to improve your company’s sales.

Is your brand image not worth being taken care of by real specialists who know how to develop a communication strategy for the website to sell?

Will you allow yourself to save on the website, thus showing your contractors that you are saving where you can (letting them know that you will be saving on the materials needed to carry out their orders). Such a mistake can cost a lot, because lost trust is much harder to rebuild. So ask yourself if you can afford such a mistake. Isn’t it better to invest in a website that will attract and delight these customers, instead of deterring them? Into a website that earns money.

We literally have a moment to keep the customer on the site.

And we want to work out and use this moment for you. We analyze, search, test - each industry is different, each client is different, and we develop a communication strategy from the moment you search for the website - until you contact your company. We guide the client so that he feels that he is in the right place - and that he is well cared for. We meet the needs. We don't sell your services. We make customers desire them.

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Why should I invest in the site?

You don't have to. But we want to make people aware that a website is an investment - not a cost. Because a well-planned, built and optimized website not only builds awareness for your brand - but also increases conversion. We know how to do it.

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How much does a website cost??

We try to be transparent with our website prices, so that everyone can find something for themselves - but also know the limitations that are associated with them. If you are looking for even more extensive options - write to us.

Packages tailored to your business

Everyone will find something for themselves. From simpler implementations to advanced websites that will strengthen brand awareness and increase conversion. You don’t know if you can sell through the website and why the website is an investment and not a cost? Check out our article

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from 7 500 pln

to 15 000 pln

from 22 500 pln

to 30 000 pln

Number of team working hours
We want to be transparent, so you can see how many hours of work of an experienced team you will get in the price..

> 50

> 100

> 150

> 200

Individual graphic designs for subpages

> 3

> 5

> 8

> 10

Unlimited number of subpages

Responsive version

Content management panel (CMS)

Contact form

Integration with Social Media

News / Blog

Additional language versions

Extensive offer module

Extensive offer module

Development of a site map

Development of information architecture with UI / UX

Marketing strategy

Logotype + Brand Book
The website itself is very important, but if you do not have a logo or your old project needs changes to be timeless – this option is for you.

The specialist’s working hour outside the package is PLN 250.00 net.

don't know what's best for you?

Relax, you don’t have to. We are professionals so feel free to leave it to us. Make an appointment and say what you expect, and we will suggest the most suitable product from our offer. Perhaps you need something more? We are flexible, if the need arises, we will create a special project tailored to your expectations.