Pictures catch the eye – we know it for a long time. Do you want your words to be able not only to be read but also watched? We will decorate your text so that it speaks for itself. Get noticed and recognized, put pictures on social media, postcards, mugs and other advertising gadgets.

Why do I need an illustration?

We often mistakenly associate illustrations with children’s books. We think there is text for serious adult people. Nothing could be more wrong. The fact that we can read does not mean that we have to limit ourselves to that. Illustrations are eye-catching and emotional – they can evoke joy, sadness, fear and even anger. A specific style or colors can build brand recognition and establish a bond with the customer. Do you know comics from RedBull commercials? You don’t need a can or even a logo to know it’s their ad. With the help of illustrations, you can also achieve this effect in your company. Place them on your website, advertising gadgets or social media and stand out from the crowd!

How is it done?

Are you wondering how an illustration is made and whether it differs from ordinary drawing? Let us introduce you to this process. First, we need to know the client’s expectations – what style the illustration should have, what elements should be presented, what colors should be kept and most of all: what it should be associated with and what emotions should arouse in the recipient. The next stage is the stage of sketches. We give you a choice of several versions prepared on the basis of preliminary arrangements and choose which one suits you best. Here we arrange the details of the composition and make corrections. The third and final stage is the preparation and finishing of illustrations in a graphics program. And that’s it!