How to build customer trust?

Czy można mieć Klientów bez zdobycia ich zaufania? Można. Ale jeżeli to czytasz, to pewnie interesuje Cię jak to zaufanie zwiększyć. Dlatego zapraszam do artykułu poniżej.

Czy można mieć Klientów bez zdobycia ich zaufania? Można. Ale jeżeli to czytasz, to pewnie interesuje Cię jak to zaufanie zwiększyć. Dlatego zapraszam do artykułu poniżej.

Can you have customers without gaining their trust?

Sure you can. If we have a stationary point on a busy street or a very niche industry and we have the only store in a given town that represents the industry exclusively – it is possible. But these are irregular cases, and therefore will affect a small percentage of companies. It should also be remembered that the lack of actions to build customer trust in our brand always limits our reach.

The lack of any marketing activities that will make our brand recognizable as customer-friendly, professional and trustworthy, will make most customers buy from us because they have no other choice or because they just pass the road. These will usually be occasional customers. And don’t you care about acquiring loyal customers?

Occasional customer – A customer who purchases or selects a service by chance, without much thought. This type of customer does not make a well-thought-out purchase due to the choice of the company whose services he will use, mainly due to product availability and price.

Loyal customer – a customer who consciously chooses a service or product, is satisfied with his choice, willingly recommending the company whose services he used. Proud of his choice, fully supporting him. A customer who will come back to you when a need arises that you can fulfill as a company.

It is not about purchasing a certificate and a badge that our company is trustworthy. It is about the planned building of brand awareness, its recognition and customer satisfaction – because they will be the best determinant of whether we will achieve our goal.

Okay, but where to start?

First of all, you should audit the marketing activities that we are currently taking and the branding of your brand. You can contact us for free online consultation, where during the meeting we will show you what should be worked on – just note, when deciding to consult, know that we are very honest.

What does this consultation look like? Details here.

How to arrange a consultation? Nothing simpler, write or call us and we will arrange a date together.

Then you make your own decisions whether you want to commission us to conduct a thorough analysis of your activities and propose solutions that will help strengthen your customers’ trust in your company, or whether you prefer to conduct such an analysis on your own. Depending on the data and results obtained, we are able to develop and implement solutions that result from getting to know the needs of the market, your client and your goals. It’s hard to describe everything that may need to change, but there are things that should be tracked at the beginning.

Let’s start by checking the company name. What is it like, how is it pronounced, written, does it mean something? Next, let’s analyze the company’s logotype. Do we have a logo at all? Is it timeless or do we have the impression that it stopped in the 30s of the last century? Even if we like it – let’s ask a few people from the environment about their perception of this logo. It’s best to ask people who do not know about your relationship with the company, otherwise the opinion may not be objective.

Now let’s consider the website. Do you have one? If so, when was it established? Does it meet the current technical requirements in terms of building responsive website? Do you track traffic on it and what is the conversion? Does your website sell at all? If not, why not? Is it built so that the customer can quickly find what he is looking for?

What do your graphic materials look like e.g. business cards, letterhead, signs, offer? Track the types of ads you have and their effectiveness – such as indoor and outdoor. See what marketing strategies do you use in your company, ATL or BTL? What works better? Do you even take care of small advertising gadgets, that will remind the customer of your existence? Do you have profiles on Facebook, Instagram or other portals? What do they look like? Do they create your company that specializes in their industry?

Can we showcase the uniqueness of our company by writing a story? Maybe there are things you want to tell in a concise way, but show your client that you put your heart into the company? This is also important. What values ​​can you provide to your client? Is he aware of them? What do your clients complain about the most? Do you ask them about their level of satisfaction?

This is only a small part of the issues that are worth starting to build trust among our clients.

Last but not least.

What can you do and what budget do you have to correct what is not working and achieve customer satisfaction? We left this important question for the end, because the budget is often the main problem of the lack of trust in the company. The point is not to spend all your savings on the company’s image at once. However, it is important to allocate real amounts that we can allocate for this, to schedule them and carefully implement them so as to increase the level of trust.

The implementation of certain rules, even in small steps, allows us to constantly build trust among our clients, and to change an occasional client to a loyal client. This primarily pays off with the high satisfaction of the client who will be happy to come back to us and fly further. It will also indirectly affect your profit and business scaling.

Trust – sounds good?

Think if in your case you also make choices based on the image of companies? Which shop are you more likely to enter, the one with a crumbling sign or a neat interior with an inviting display? And the point here is not whether the store will be elegant and modern or in a retro style. It is important to know who you want to reach – and how to make your client fully satisfied that he chose your company.

Marketing must be modern, inspire trust and reach our target client.

We hope that our note will explain a little more about building trust and how you can start working on it, even in small steps.

Remember that at any time (during working hours;)) you can arrange a free consultation on building trust in your company. Good luck!