How to start a new company?

To pytanie zadaje sobie chyba każdy na początku swojej drogi biznesowej, bez względu na to czy zakładamy firmę usługową, sklep czy dowolny inny rodzaj biznesu. Odpowiemy bardziej szczegółowo na kilka z ważniejszych pytań, oraz omówimy ogólny zarys planu rozkręcenia firmy.

To pytanie zadaje sobie chyba każdy na początku swojej drogi biznesowej, bez względu na to czy zakładamy firmę usługową, sklep czy dowolny inny rodzaj biznesu. Odpowiemy bardziej szczegółowo na kilka z ważniejszych pytań, oraz omówimy ogólny zarys planu rozkręcenia firmy.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions not only at the beginning of running a business:

Where should I start?

From the preparation of even the simplest business plan.

And if not a business plan, then at least a table of fixed costs, the minimum income you need to achieve and the planned income in the 12th month of the company. Also write down how many percent your income and costs can grow per month to get to the point you set for yourself. This exercise will help you to be smart about the activities that are good to plan in order to achieve your goal.

Marketing strategy

Who is Your Client?

If you already have clearly defined goals, think about your target customer. Who is he, what does he do, how much does he earn? How to convince him to buy your product or use your services? It is worth considering it more deeply, or using the help of a company such as ours, which will help you create a more or less advanced marketing strategy; because entering the market generates the necessity to have a marketing strategy. Without it, we throw ourselves into a rough sea with no lifebuoy and no horizon in sight. Perhaps we will manage to reach the shore, but it will be much more difficult than when we have everything planned, including emergency situations.


Depending on what your strategy indicates, marketing activities can be divided into various target channels, such as:

It’s not just about choosing the right channels for your industry. We also need good advertising materials to gain visibility. Sometimes even a few seconds animation will work better than a static picture. For some companies, the greatest reach can be generated by an commercial, while for others good product photos or professionally prepared graphic materials such as business cards, offer folders, flyers.


Always remember that good marketing is not only the starting point that the customer gets (such as the aforementioned leaflet or Facebook advertising), but also what ultimately gets from us – that’s why we should start with making a professional and responsive website, in any case. which we will direct traffic using a link on a printed material or a direct link from advertisements. The saying that „if you are not online – you do not exist” is perfect here. What if we want to reach other serious companies or an individual customer, and he will not find anything after entering our name in the search engine or domain? We can lose it irretrievably because it will not trust an entity that does not exist and which it knows nothing about and cannot check. Now, most customers check their contractors before using someone else’s services.

Website is also one of the most important elements because we can control the traffic and behavior of our users. Thanks to anonymous data, we can check what people visited our website, what age they were, what gender (and many more) and what they read, how much time they spent on the subpages from where they came from. We can also trace the entire session they spent on the page, where they held the cursor, what they clicked. Sounds impossible? And yet. This data gives us great potential to build our business! Importantly – a website does not always have to be expensive. It should also be treated as an investment, not a cost – its good planning and execution will allow us to achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for a proven and affordable solution, check out our most popular options – website packages. If you have a smaller budget, check out our offer on subscription websites. Thanks to this, you can gain a decent page in a fixed, monthly installment. However, when looking for a premium solution – check out non-standard website designs and arrange a meeting or conversation with us so that we can prepare the best solution for you.

Logo and name

Depending on the budget, at the beginning we can commission all the work, such as naming i logo design to a creative agency that deals with branding on a daily basis (we recommend RedRockS) or we can personally come up with a name that we will use. If you have an idea for your logo, have it drawn by a professional graphic studio.

You will ask: why? Because it is the most important trademark, which, when well designed, will represent your company for the next dozen or so or maybe several dozen years. If you do not want to incur high costs for redesigning the logo, which will be unprofessionally made, and all the advertising materials on which it appears, it is better to start either without it, or to do it right away. There are things that are not worth saving on. And they include creating a logo. You probably wouldn’t want your logo to be the opposite of the quality you offer your customers.

The situation changes when you have an artistic soul, knowledge of vector graphics programs and you can prepare something technically and visually good yourself. Otherwise, it’s a bit like trying to assemble it yourself so that it can travel 1000km without knowing the mechanical system of the car. The results can be dire.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube and it could be exchanged and exchanged like that. All these channels have great potential if properly managed and used. Let’s not forget that in addition to running profiles, we can do personalized ads to reach a narrow audience. It is worth ensuring a coherent and modern graphic design on your channels, user-friendly content (tailored to your channels) and gaining new followers.

Building recognition

All of the above issues have a common goal at the beginning – building recognition, acquiring new customers (who can become our prospering customers) and showing others – Hey! We exist! Come to us!

Building brand recognition is important at the beginning of your journey, but you should also remember it throughout your business to ensure a continuous flow of new customers. Remember that whoever does not move forward is actually moving backwards. So stay one step ahead of your competition!